20V, 10A Fully-Integrated Synchronous Boost Converter with Load Disconnect Control
20V, 10A Fully-Integrated Synchronous Boost Converter with Load Disconnect Control

The SGM6612A is a 20V high-efficient synchronous boost converter integrated with two 15mΩ power switches. This device offers small size power solution for portable equipment. The SGM6612A supports the resistor-programmable switching frequency up to 2.2MHz.

The SGM6612A has two operation modes, the pulse width modulation (PWM) mode and pulse frequency modulation (PFM). The PWM mode is applied at moderate to heavy load. The PFM mode is applied at light load to improve the efficiency.

The SGM6612A provides a built-in gate driver for external MOSFET to disconnect the output from input side during shutdown or output short condition. When the output is shorted and the short protection is triggered, the device enters into the hiccup mode for safety. In addition, the device also provides output over-voltage protection, inductor current limit protection and thermal shutdown.

The SGM6612A is available in a Green TQFN-3×3.5-13L package.



  • 2.7V to 16V Input Voltage Range

  • 4.5V to 20V Output Voltage Range

  • Up to 10A Resistor-Programmable Current Limit

  • Up to 2.2MHz Resistor-Programmable Switching Frequency

  • 15mΩ Low RDSON Internal MOSFETs

  • 95% Peak Efficiency (at VIN = 7.2V, VOUT = 16V, IOUT = 2A)

  • Gate Driver for Load Disconnection

  • Hiccup Short Protection

  • Over-Voltage Protection

  • Auto PFM Mode at Light Load

  • Available in a Green TQFN-3×3.5-13L Package


Portable Loudspeaker Boxes

LCD Display Source Driver

Supply for Power Amplifier and Motor Driver

Supply for USB Type-C

Part Number Status Package Pins Pb-Free Temp Range
SGM6612AYTQX13G/TR Production TQFN-3×3.5-13L 13 Y -40℃ to +85℃ Samples