Power Distribution Switch
Power Distribution Switch

The SGM2593D is a single channel power distribution switch. The switch controlled by the EN pin operates from 2.5V to 6V supply voltage. It can be used in USB power distribution applications.

The SGM2593D integrates programmable current limit to protect the upstream power supply from damage during over-current or short-circuit condition.

The device has the function of over-temperature protection. When the junction temperature exceeds +151, the device will be turned off and the internal MOSFET will remain off until the temperature drops to +105. In current limit mode, the over-temperature protection will shut down the output if the maintaining time of over-current state is long enough to cause the junction temperature exceeds +128. The internal switch will not be turned on until the temperature drops below +105.

The device is designed with soft-start circuit to cope with inrush currents when large capacitive loads are connected. The nFAULT output will be asserted to low level during over-current, over-temperature or reverse voltage condition.

The SGM2593D further reduces the total solution size by integrating a 47Ω pull-down resistor for output discharge when the switch is shut down by EN.

The SGM2593D is available in a Green TDFN-2×2-6AL package.



  • High-side N-MOSFET

  • On-Resistance: 60mΩ (TYP)

  • Programmable Current Limit Range: 0.1A to 3A

    1.5A at RILIM = 4.53kΩ

  • Input Voltage Range: 2.5V to 6V

  • Quiescent Current: 27μA (TYP)

  • Shutdown Current: 0.28μA (TYP)

  • Soft-Start Function

  • Over-Temperature Protection

  • Under-Voltage Lockout Protection for VIN

  • No Reversed Leakage Current (Reverse Blocking)

  • Fault Flag (nFAULT Pin)

  • Quick Output Discharge

  • 1.2MΩ Pull-Down Resistor at EN Pin

  • Available in a Green TDFN-2×2-6AL Package


General Purpose Power Switching

USB Bus/Self-Powered Hub

USB Peripheral

ACPI Power Distribution

Smart Phone


Part Number Status Package Pins Pb-Free Temp Range
SGM2593DXTDI6G/TR Production TDFN-2×2-6AL 6 Y -40℃ to +125℃ Samples