SMBus NVDC Buck-Boost Charge Controller for 1- to 4-Cell Battery
SMBus NVDC Buck-Boost Charge Controller for 1- to 4-Cell Battery

The SGM41570 is a synchronous Buck-Boost battery charge controller with NVDC power path management. It can provide high efficiency and low component count solution for 1-cell to 4-cell batteries charging applications.

The system is regulated slightly to be higher than the battery voltage, but not lower than the programmable system minimum voltage. Therefore, the system power is maintained even if the battery is completely depleted or removed. Dynamic power management (DPM) feature is also included that automatically reduces the charge current if the input current or voltage limit is reached. If the system load continues to increase after reduction of charge current down to zero, the battery enters the supplement mode and both adapter and battery power the system.

A wide range of input sources are supported for SGM41570, including traditional adapters, USB adapter and high voltage USB PD sources. The converter is configured as Buck, Boost or Buck-Boost during power-up, depending on the input source and battery conditions. The charger automatically switches among Buck, Boost and Buck-Boost without host control.

When the input source is absent, the SGM41570 can work in USB On-The-Go (OTG) mode to supply VBUS from battery. The OTG output voltage can be programmed from 3V to 20.56V with 8mV resolution. The slew rate of the output voltage transitions in OTG can be configured (by OTG current setting) to comply with the USB PD 3.0 PPS specifications.

If there is no external load on the USB OTG port and the system is powered by battery-only, the VMIN Active Protection (VAP) feature is supported. In VAP, the VBUS voltage is charged up by the battery and the energy is stored in the input decoupling capacitors. When the system requires peak power spike, the charge stored on the input capacitor discharges to maintain the system voltage at minimum system voltage.

Adapter current, battery current and system power are monitored in SGM41570. When the system power is too high and exceeds available power from adapter and battery together, a flexibly programmed nPROCHOT pulse is asserted to inform CPU for throttle back.



  • 1- to 4-Cell Charging from a Variety of Input Types

    3.58V to 24V Input Operating Voltage Range

    USB 2.0/3.0/3.1 (Type-C)/USB PD Input Current Support

    Seamless Buck ↔ Buck-Boost ↔ Boost Transitions

    Input Overload Protection (IDPM and VDPM Regulation)

  • CPU Throttling, Power and Current Monitoring

    Full nPROCHOT Profile

    Input Current Monitoring

    Battery Charge/Discharge Current Monitoring

    System Power Monitoring

  • Narrow Voltage DC (NVDC) Power Path Management

    Instant-On with Depleted or No Battery

    Battery Supplementation if Adapter is Fully Loaded

    BATFET Ideal Diode Emulation in Supplement Mode

  • Power-Up USB Port from Battery (USB OTG)

    3V to 20.56V Adjustable OTG Voltage with 8mV Resolution

    Up to 6.35A Output Current Limit with 50mA Resolution

  • Pass Through Mode (PTM) to Improve Efficiency

  • VMIN Active Protection (VAP) Mode

  • VAP Supplements Battery from Input Caps for System Power Spikes (Battery-Only Conditions)

  • Input Current Optimizer Maximizes Power Extraction

  • 800kHz or 1.2MHz Selectable Switching Frequency

  • SMBus Interface for Flexible System Configuration

  • Input Current Limit Setting Pin (without SMBus)

  • Integrated ADC for Voltage/Current/Power Monitoring

  • Low Battery Quiescent Current

  • High Accuracy

    ±0.4% for Charge Voltage Regulation

    ±2% for Input/Charge Current Regulation

    ±2% for Input/Charge Current Monitor

    ±5.8% for Power Monitor

  • Safety

    Thermal Shutdown

    Input/System/Battery Over-Voltage Protection

    Input/MOSFET/Inductor Over-Current Protection

  • Available in a Green TQFN-4×4-32AL Package


Bluetooth Speakers, Drones, IP Cameras, Detachable Power Supply

Portable Internet Devices and Accessory

Industrial and Medical Equipment

Part Number Status Package Pins Pb-Free Temp Range
SGM41570XTSE32G/TR Production TQFN-4×4-32AL 32 Y -40℃ to +125℃ Samples
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